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Final Say - Maggie Speaks - Chicago's Band for Live Music

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Stage 151@Harrah's Joliet
Wednesday, December 31st at 9:00pm
151 N Joliet Rd, Joliet, IL

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February 17th - Maggie Speaks: 2013 in Review

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Experience sizzling chemistry, incredible energy, and songs no one can resist – all brought to you by Chicago's very own Final Say.

There's a secret ingredient to any performance. For some live bands in Chicago, it's quality musicians. For others, it's a memorable performance. And some bands just have that special something, that sparkle that says "I'm having the time of my life tonight – and you should join me."

Final Say has all three – and then some.

With vibrant, youthful energy and an extensive repertoire of songs that range from the latest Top 40 hits to classics that always bring an audience to their feet, Final Say delivers an impassioned show that makes the audience feel like they're a part of something remarkable.

They're right.

Final Say burst onto the scene with a 40th birthday party for Eric Ferguson of Eric & Kathy on 101.9 The Mix, and they haven't stopped the whirlwind of incredible sound and performance since. They've shared a stage with The B-52s and The Temptations, delivering professionalism, detailed performance and a rare treat of unparalleled fervor for the Chicago live concert scene.

Created by the ever-popular and in–demand Maggie Speaks, Final Say knows exactly how to create a custom experience for every audience. They know how to read a crowd and deliver just what the moment needs to help create the perfect soundtrack for an unforgettable event.

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