Globetrotting: Maggie Speaks in Minneapolis


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Another day, another trip to Prince’s hometown and a Foodie ramen noodle house (or something like that).

It’s always special when we get asked to play for events that fund and represent such great causes. Such was the case on our recent trip to Minneapolis to play the Children’s Star Gala Event to help fund and raise awareness for Children’s Hospital in Minnesota. It was a great event, and we were honored to have been invited. 

It also happens that I (Dave Calzaretta) have two great passions in life – music and food. So, I took the opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream of mine to perform a Prince song in his hometown of Minneapolis. This of course happened just days before the sad news of his passing. I recorded this as special tribute, and you can watch the performance below. 

Feeding the food passion in me also lead me to a eatery called Unideli, a restaurant famous for serving unique styles of ramen noodles. Check it out. 


So, until our next trip…keep that dance floor full.

Dave Calzaretta,
Maggie Speaks


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