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Live Bands for Corporate Entertainment - Maggie Speaks - Live Music in Chicago

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Corporate Events Demand Versatility

Our ability to succeed at a vast array of corporate events hinges on our organization's versatility. The core bands by themselves offer six decades of music with enough depth to change on a dime as your event shifts gears. With a light travel footprint and over a decade of corporate entertainment experience you get a modern, professional solution right out of the box - one that's regularly tested and refined in Chicago night clubs.

But that's just the beginning. We've developed additional themes and specialty sets to offer our clients amazingly diverse options with little or no additional personnel. With the same team of musicians you can have walk-in and bump music for the morning session and a dance party that night! Or match the music to your 80s theme one night and without any additional transportation utilize Speak Easy to keep it low key the next night. It's up to you - we even do entirely custom packages to meet our clients' needs.

We understand corporate events and more importantly we have the skill and professionalism to make you the hero. Contact our event specialists today and let's discuss the energy you need for a successful event.

Maggie Speaks' acoustic band Speak Easy (acoustic)
Reminiscent of the classic show MTV Unplugged, Speak Easy recreates your favorite adult contemporary and pop songs in a stripped down acoustic setting. This program features the music of contemporary artists such as John Mayer, Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz while covering the classics from groups like Simon and Garfunkel, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac and more. The foundation of this group is a duo, consisting of an acoustic guitarist and vocalist (male or female). It can be expanded to a trio, quartet or quintet depending on the vibe and look you want to create.

Maggie Speaks' provides bump music for a national convention Say What You Will (bumper music)
Perfect for adding production value to awards ceremonies or speeches. Bumper music is used to add energy and excitement to the transitions between speakers or awards presentations (think what Paul Schaefer does on Letterman). This requires tight integration with the production team and a real heads-up group of talented players. Fortunately, neither of those things present a problem for us. Combined with walk-in and walk-out music this can bring a real sense of ceremony and presentation to corporate engagements.

Maggie Speaks' beach party. No Woman No Cry (beach party)
Lots of corporate events happen in sunny, tropical locations (at least those are our favorites). When your guests are dancing in the sand or you want them to feel like they are, our beach party perfectly complements that atmosphere. With hits from the Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett and Bob Marley (to name a few) this show can stand on its own or be incorporated into our regular dance package.

Maggie Speaks' live band karaoke What Would You Say (live band karaoke)
What better way to engage your audience than to put them on the microphone? Make your guests the stars by letting them unleash their inner rockstar. Mixing this with our regular performance set can bring a nice balance of show pace and guest interaction to your event.

Maggie Speaks' 80's Set Say Anything (80s)
Normally we cover several decades of music at every show but we can focus it down to just one. The 80s have a distinctive look and sound that we've been asked to match many times to fit with the theme of the evening or event. If you're centerpiece is a six-foot tall Rubik's Cube this might be just what you needed.

Maggie Speaks' Eagles tribute Tell You Why (Eagles tribute)
An entire show of detailed performances from the legendary Eagles. Including hits from their solo careers, these are timeless classics that every one of your guests will know.

Maggie Speaks' latin pop. Hablamos De Danza (latin pop)
It means “We speak dance”. Add some spice to your event with hits from artists like Ricky Martin, The Gipsy Kings, Gloria Estefan, Santana and Enrique Iglesias.

Maggie Speaks' piano and singer Sing Us A Song (Piano Music)
Think swanky supper club where the air is filled with the sweet and simplistic sounds of piano and vocals as guests share laughs and cocktails. This program features adult contemporary and pop classics from your favorite artists from the 60’s through today. Classic artists like Elton John, Billy Joel and Aretha Franklin are represented along with modern artists like Sara Bareilles, Michael Buble and more. The foundation of this group is also a duo consisting of pianist and a vocalist (male or female). It can also be expanded to a trio, quartet or quintet depending on the vibe and look you desire.

Maggie Speaks' classic rock Who Said That (Classic Rock)
We developed this thematic show to satisfy guests who clamor for guitar solos and old-school harmonies. Even if the audience isn't an older demographic they'll know every song and appreciate the virtuosity behind these classic songs. This show can stand on its own or be incorporated into our regular performances.

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