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I heard about FINAL SAY from a friend of mine who was raving about how great the band was at a recent wedding she had attended. Knowing that the bride was a musician herself, I knew I had to have them play at our wedding on 05/28/17. We never even saw them in person due to my husband’s busy schedule, but we had full confidence in them.
Sure enough, they did not disappoint. Their energy and stage presence had everyone on the dance floor the entire night (even the self-proclaimed, non-dancers). Their vocal ability was beyond compare - at times, I thought they must be taking their break because the song sounded so much like the actual artist, but they are THAT good.
Leading up to the big day could not have been easier. Robby was amazing at coordinating everything and made it an easy and stress-free process – with other vendors we found it frustrating when they expected us to know everything about planning a wedding – despite having never done it before! This was not the case with FINAL SAY. It’s not their first rodeo and Robby was extremely professional and helpful, talking us through everything, giving us helpful advice and even offering suggestions for song selections. Robby also emceed for the evening and was so AMAZING added his own hilarious and clever touches to make it a personal evening. He was super flexible adding last-minute song choices and everything ran smoothly and without a hitch.
After a year of planning, it feels so great to hear from everyone afterwards about how great a night it was and to hear endless amounts of compliments on how great the band was. A good band really makes a wedding and this was certainly the case with FINAL SAY – we’re so happy we went with them; they made our night so memorable and I would recommend them to anyone who is planning any event.

Alexandra Hantel, Bride - May 28th, 2017

Final Say is a great band to work with. As a planner it’s nice to work with professionals. The band was so exciting on stage and they really got the people going! Not only did they put on a fantastic show, they engaged the crowd the entire time. The guests stayed on the dance floor til the very end. Working with their band leader Robby was a pleasure. There were many last minute additions that came in days before (Not to mention the changes that happened minutes before the initial announcements!) and he worked with me to make sure our timelines were matching up. I’ve never seen a band member take so much time on the finer details of the evening. Not only did Robby take the last minute changes in stride, he actually came up with great ideas that ended up improving the flow of the evening. To top it off he’s the best MC I’ve ever seen.
If you’re looking for a band for your wedding look no further. Final Say is an amazing group that creates a high energy party for everyone in the room. Besides that, you’ll never find a more attentive group of professionals. They are the perfect fit for any event.

Judy Benjamin, Wedding Planner - May 27th, 2017

Final Say was amazing! Once we talked to Robby before booking we were sold. We could tell that they would get the party going and they did not disappoint. People were up on the dance floor from the moment they started until the moment they stopped. It was such an amazing show. Robby’s MC work was clever and hilarious. We had some funny moments during our speeches and his comments made them even funnier. When it came to the planning stages before the wedding they were there for us the whole time. They were very accommodating and easy to reach. Most importantly, the show was great! The singers were so much fun to watch and their voices were the talk of the night. Thank you Final Say for making our reception the perfect party.

Patrick and Becki Drewke - May 27th, 2017

Holy cow! Final Say was unbelievable. Their energy was unreal. The whole crowd danced all night long. They helped make this the best night of my life. Working behind the scenes with Robby (band leader) was beyond my expectations. By the time our wedding rolled around he felt like a member of the family. You’re not going to see a better show anywhere. As soon as we saw them we knew they were the band for us.

Sam Wheeler - May 20th, 2017

Final Say had everybody up on the dance floor all night long. We saw their video and loved the energy of the group. We then took a trip out to a casino to see them live. The casino atmosphere was lackluster yet this band still put on the most amazing show. We immediately said to ourselves, “If they can put on an amazing show here they can be great anywhere.” We couldn't wait to get them at our reception! Their energy is unstoppable and working with them behind the scenes was so easy. They made us a happy bride and groom and we are very glad we chose them for our wedding. If you’re looking for a band, go with Final Say!

Stacy Uchida - May 12, 2017

Final Say was amazing! What an awesome band. Our guests loved them so much. After the reception everybody was still talking about Final Say. We had a ton of out of town guests and everyone kept asking all night, “Where did you find this band?” They were the best wedding band we’ve ever seen and I’m so glad they performed on our special day. Behind the scenes they were very personable and so easy to work with. They made the whole process easy and enjoyable. If you’re looking for a band you can stop your search and hire Final Say right now. They truly are a great band. Very professional and exciting to watch.

James O'Connor - May 5th, 2017

Robby and the Final Say crew were nothing short of amazing. From the beginning to the end of our reception, the dance floor was packed until the very last song – even leaving everyone chanting “one more song!” It’s been a few weeks now from our reception, and our family and friends are still talking about Final Say and how fabulous of a performance they gave. We’re so happy we chose Final Say for our big day – they really were the “cake topper” to our already fabulous day!

Alyssa Caruso - April 27th, 2017

When our daughter got engaged, we called Grandfather, and then, we called Robby and Final Say to see if they were available! It was our second call after the big announcement.
We’d seen Robby and the band play at another wedding, as well as various events in the community. We know he is the best and his work ethic and commitment is rare. We wanted this for our only daughter’s wedding.
Robby surpassed our expectations and they were very high to begin with.
Our guests are just now coming down from the supernatural high that was experienced with Final Say at Robby’s leadership. No exaggeration here. We’ve been getting calls all week. We all cried when my husband went up on stage and jammed to our daughter’s special song with Robby!
Our guests’ comments about Final Say:
“We danced our brains out!”
“I am twenty years younger!”
“that band was AWESOME”
“Thank you for inviting us to participate!”
“Let’s do it again!”
“Amazingly blessed”
“that band!”
“the BAND”
“Can we do it again for the anniversary party next year?!”
“wildest, beyond magical expectations dream party true” that’s me, mother of the bride ;)
We are so grateful for the gift you gave to our family, our daughter. It will always be remembered and it was truly because of you that the wedding was so hugely celebrated.
EVERYONE danced.
It cannot be taken for granted, that which you are giving to humanity . . . the joy, the energy and most of all, the love to mark and remember such special occasions.

Sally Krenger, Mother of the bride - Sept. 24, 2016

Thank you again for all your help at our event! I know the guests had a blast dancing the night away to your music. Please let everyone in the band know how much we appreciate all their help! Also, that video you made it amazing!!! We absolutely love it! Thanks again for all your support!

Angela Hall, Manager of Signature Events & Community Development - PAWS Chicago - November 18th, 2016

Final Say was great and contributed to a very successful event for us. Robby was a pleasure to work with.

Doug Walker - Vice President, Business Development - Tallgrass Energy on September 13th, 2016

6.11.16 was the most epic party and wedding reception ever thanks to Final Say! All of our guests were dancing to everything and my husband and I were absolutely floored by the way that Robby sings. The rest of the band was phenomenal and together their show was awesome. At least 20 people came up to me all at once asking where we found this fantastic band. We looked at a lot of bands online and decided that nobody had a lead singer with more energy. He dances and jumps while singing without missing a beat. Once you watch their video you’ll be sold. Seeing them live is even better! Working with Final Say was a great experience. They handled our announcements and continued to touch base with us through phone calls and emails leading up to our wedding. If you want a phenomenal night with a phenomenal show Final Say is your band.

Kimberly DuPere - June 11, 2016

Final Say was absolutely amazing!! They had so much energy on stage and it totally affected the crowd. I cannot believe how much they move! Don't believe me? Watch their video! Their voices are spectacular and their dancing is very exciting to watch. Our crowd was overwhelmed! Even their breaks were fun. When they took their short breaks they pumped dance music into the room which made it seamless for our crowd. Every time we thought we'd take a breather the band would play another awesome song that kept us on the floor. I cannot say enough good things about this band. Behind the scenes their band leader Robby was the easiest person to work with. He made everything super easy and even helped us out with our order of events. He emceed and dealt with the flow of our reception before he even sang his first song. If you are looking for a band for any or all occasions book Final Say right now!

Tammy Staron - April 30, 2016

Final Say was amazing! I would recommend them again and again. Thank you for all your help!

Emily Baldwin - Planner for Popeye's Chicken Event - March 17th, 2016

My daughter and her fiancé had heard Final Say at a number of weddings and other venues over the past year or two and were convinced that they would be a great fit for their wedding. This was our family’s first time planning a wedding and all that goes along with it, and I have to say that Robby and his team made all the preparations incredibly easy. That experience continued on throughout the evening of the wedding. The wedding was at Café Brauer and we had a large group so the band didn’t have a large area to work with in terms of setting up. We then had a problem with our caterer attending to some things which caused a delay in the sequence of events that could have really thrown the whole evening out of sorts, but Robby and Final Say were incredibly professional and positive throughout everything, keeping their part on track, upbeat, energetic and more fun than we could have ever expected! From the introductory announcements that Robby helped to emcee through the last song of the evening they kept the energy in the room up and moving and that meant that all of our guests kept up and moving too! Sometimes you attend an event and the sound system doesn’t seem to fit the room. Their sound engineer did a great job matching their system and the volume to the room, it wasn’t too loud and it wasn’t too soft – allowing people to still talk and interact off the dance floor as well as pumped up and dancing. I can’t say enough about how great a job Final Say did - we all had an incredible time and we got rave reviews from our guests – “best wedding EVER!” I credit Final Say with making all the fun more exciting – they were, quite simply, amazing!

Father of the Bride- "Jim" - Novemeber 11, 2016

We had the best night ever. Final Say made everything incredible. They were so professional and very accommodating to our extreme requests. They exceeded all expectations. The show was absolutely phenomenal. Everybody in the ballroom was engaged in the performance and the dance floor was packed. Our guests were either watching the performance or dancing along. Robby handled our announcements like a pro. He was so charming and entertaining. If you want your wedding to be perfect then call Final Say. Book them now!

Kathleen Tietz- Bride - October 31, 2015

Final Say was amazing. Our crowd absolutely loved them. It was as if we had a concert at our wedding! Our entire guest list was overwhelmed by their fantastic stage show. They had everyone dancing and jumping on the floor all night. I was also very impressed with how they worked behind the scenes. After talking to their bandleader (We spoke on the phone and emailed often before the wedding.) I could immediately tell that I wouldn’t have a single worry about our evening. He was very attentive and accommodating. I’ve played guitar all of my life and the band worked with me to make sure I could play a few tunes without slowing down the flow of the evening. They made me look like a rock star up there! I can’t say enough about how much Final Say made our night the best it could be. They are exciting to watch and dance to and very kind and professional to work with. I’d recommend them to any and all future wedding couples.

Brad Tietz- Groom -October 31, 2015

Final Say was absolutely amazing! Our family and friends loved this group so much. There is no better choice for your wedding than Final Say. The showmanship between the two vocalists was stunning. Robby and Morgen were so fun and energetic. They didn’t just stand there and sing. They entertained! Their voices and dance moves captivated everyone at our reception and the musical selection was perfect. We had a huge wedding party and a lot of intros to deal with at the start of our dinner. Robby handled our long list of names and last minute changes like a pro. He was incredibly easy to work with and kept in touch with us leading up to our reception. We saw Final Say at a wedding a few years ago and knew that we had to have them. If you get this band for your wedding you will not be disappointed. You won’t find a more entertaining musical group anywhere so book them now!

Chris Palmer - September 12th, 2015

If you hired a DJ for your wedding, go back, rewind, and hire Final Say because they know how to rock a party better than anybody else. I was the best man at my friend’s wedding and I want everyone to know that this is the group you need for your event. I am about to get married and my fiancé and I were going to hire a DJ. Final Say’s amazing performance completely changed the game for us. They have a range and an energy that no DJ in the world could ever provide. Do yourself a HUGE favor and hire Final Say today!

Jarrett - July 11th, 2015

Final Say was unbelievable! They are the best wedding band you’ll find. We took the time to see a few wedding bands live and nobody put on a better show than this group. Our guests could not believe how much energy they had on stage and the dance floor was packed. We love the whole band but as a leader Robby was unbelievable from start to finish. Behind the scenes he made me feel so comfortable and confident that the night was going to be awesome and we thank you for that. Before the band even started, I pulled Robby aside to tell him how the guests were already talking about him as an emcee. All throughout dinner people told us how great he was as our host. I recommend Final Say to everyone! They are awesome.

Elizabeth - June 30th, 2015

Final Say was so much more than we could’ve hoped for. Our guests were on the floor dancing all night and could not stop talking about how much they loved the band. It was a perfect night and their bandleader was unbelievable behind the scenes. I’d recommend Final Say all day long.

Peter - June 30, 2015

Final Say was wonderful! If you want your dance floor to be packed full of people dancing and screaming the entire night- book them now. All of our guests told us that ours was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. They all wanted to know where the band came from and said they’d go see the band anytime even outside of our reception. Our crowd did not just enjoy the band… they became fans. One year ago we saw Final Say at a wedding in Milwaukee and decided right then and there that we had to have them. We booked them the very next day. We were so impressed with how involved the audience was with their show. Everything they did was perfect. I worked with Robby months before our wedding. He was responsive, easy to work with and got everything right. From managing the speeches to getting the crowd pumped up, he did everything we asked for and more. The best decision we made for our wedding was booking Final Say because they were the best part of the night. I cannot recommend them enough.

Aaron & Anne Aizenberg - September 6th, 2015

Final Say was AMAZING! Everyone kept coming up to us all night asking, “Where did you find this band?” Our guests were dancing the entire night! Everyone had a blast. We had such a great party thanks to their energy and fun spirit. Not only is Final Say the best wedding band you’ll ever hear, they are the best band in general. Even though they are covering popular songs that we all know, there’s something unique and energizing about their performance. It’s simply better than the real thing. If you book Final Say you are not only treated to a great sounding band, you are treated to an exciting show. Working behind the scenes was a dream. Their bandleader Robby was so accessible and easy to work with. He was great to talk to and handled all of our questions and requests. Not only is he a great frontman and singer, he is an awesome MC. We couldn’t have asked for a better overall wedding band than Final Say.

Jonathon Kohl - August 2nd, 2015

Final Say was simply awesome. What a great time. We had the most amazing wedding because the band rocked it all night. Robby the band leader was so good at being our MC that the dinnertime was almost as entertaining as the show. He helped us work on our timeline and his communication was fantastic. I’ve honestly never worked with a vendor who has communicated so consistently and perfectly. I would like to tell any and all future brides and grooms to hire Final Say TODAY so that you are sure to have them for your wedding.

Rebekah Maurin - July 11th, 2015

Final Say was unbelievable! They are the best wedding band you’ll find. We took the time to see a few wedding bands live and nobody put on a better show than this group. Our guests could not believe how much energy they had on stage and the dance floor was packed. We love the whole band but as a leader Robby was unbelievable from start to finish. Behind the scenes he made me feel so comfortable and confident that the night was going to be awesome and we thank you for that. Before the band even started, I pulled Robby aside to tell him how the guests were already talking about him as an emcee. All throughout dinner people told us how great he was as our host. I recommend Final Say to everyone! They are awesome.

Elizabeth Angel - June 27th, 2015

Final Say is the absolute best band to have at your wedding! We constantly heard from our guests that this was the best wedding band they ever heard . Nobody wanted to leave the dance floor and Final Say's stage show was so exciting and fun to watch. Besides being fantastic vocalists, the two lead singers put on an explosive show! They were so energetic as they danced on stage and engaged the crowd. Final Say's performance heightened the party and they were truly in touch with their audience. They were so good at making the crowd a part of the show. (We ended up on the stage with them for the last song) Working with their band leader was a joy. Due to some timetable changes created by our other vendors there was a bit of chaos behind the scenes. Final Say's band leader Robby made all of our lives easier by stepping up and coordinating the chaos so that we didn't have to worry about it. On stage and off stage this is a first class band.

Terry and Meghan Anders - June 27th, 2015

Final Say! The dance floor was packed the entire night. Everyone had so much fun and Robby is the best guy to work with. If you want your wedding to be an experience, choose Final Say! It was a phenomenal show with phenomenal music.

Nick & Laura - February 28th, 2015

Final Say was simply amazing!! We were truly impressed by the entire experience with Robby and the crew. They supplied an extensive song list and reviewed our musical preferences with us before the big day. They took the time to prepare and understand our music desires to provide a custom experience for our event. At the reception, Robby was an active and entertaining emcee. He and the other band members were consistently lively and engaging throughout the entire performance. It was obvious that they all have a passion for what they do. There is no question that we made the right decision, they exceeded our expectations and played a huge part in making our day PERFECT!

Kalie Ovitt, Bride - September 9th, 2014

FINAL SAY was an absolute DREAM to work with. Robby and the crew were absolutely amazing, full of energy and brought life to the party. We had a pretty long engagement and hired them pretty early on in the wedding planning process. They were responsive and professional from the start and so easy to work with. There was NO guessing with them (something you'd hate to have to do on your wedding day.) From music, to MC-ing, to sound engineering and making sure everyone can actually HEAR your ceremony, they had their act together! They were 100% engaged the entire wedding and never missed a beat. Feel free to lay back, enjoy being MARRIED and let them do their thing!
Not only were they precise and professional, but fun and entertaining (with PERFECTLY timed MC responses post-maid of honor and best man speeches.) Their over-the-top, oh-so-FUN personalities enhanced everything about the evening.
On to the reception: We got married in a Michigan...with no air the middle of July. Recipe for dance floor disaster! NOT with FINAL SAY! Seriously, the dance floor was 110% packed full for the entire night. They were absolutely amazing and absolutely worth every penny.
Hands down, if you're looking for an epically memorable wedding, (other than just getting married!) hire FINAL SAY. It was the Best. Decision. Ever. ON our Best. Day. Ever. :)

Lindsay Mozer, Bride - July 12, 2014

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